Prepare for Hurricane Season (or Any Other Emergency Situation) With BioFuel.


Will the BioFuel refill bottles work with other burner cans?

It is important that the BioFuel refill is used with a BioFuel burner can. If the burner can used is not a BioFuel product, it will not light.

How did BioFuel get started?

BioFuel stems from a 12 year R&D effort to develop a bio-catalyst that converts corn sugar to bio-based propanediol.

Is BioFuel all-natural?

BioFuel is 100% natural and contains no added preservatives, is 100% petroleum-free and contains no animal byproducts. BioFuel is also 100% made in the USA. Our fuel is made from a 100% pure biobased ingredient used to manufacture “Greenscapes Biofuel” products.

What is BioFuel derived from?

BioFuel is derived from a renewably-sourced corn sugar fermentation process

Does BioFuel reduce environmental impact?

BioFuel is renewable and sustainable – Life Cycle Assessment (cradle to gate) shows reduced environmental impact vs. petroleum-based glycols. Our fuel emits 40% less greenhouse gas emissions than our competitors. BioFuel manufacturing results in 38% less energy used in its production. BioFuel is also readily biodegradable.

Does BioFuel have a strong scent?

While burning, BioFuel only emits a light and sweet scent.


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