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3 Ways to Make Tailgating Easier

Tailgating may look easy but planning the event can be stressful. It is supposed to be fun, but I’m sure the preparation makes that a little difficult at first. Although planning and preparing for a tailgate can be difficult, there are 3 ways to make tailgating easier, so that everyone has a blast.

3 Ways to Make Tailgating Easier

1. Plan Out Each Meal

By planning out each meal, you reap the benefit of easy setup and cleanup. Since tailgating is more of a hang out, drop by, and grab something quick type of event, it may be best to plan mostly finger foods such as wings, hot dogs, or burgers.

2. Use a Reliable, Easy Heat Source

If you do plan on having meals that need to be heated up such as chili or queso for nachos, canned heat would help out a ton. If you keep the food in a throw away chafing dish, you can use BioFuel or any other canned heat to keep it warm.

3. Prep Early

Have fun! Tailgating is meant to be an enjoyable event. Pack and pre-make the food the evening or night before. That way, the day of the event, all you have to worry about is setting up.

If you want warm food to eat during tailgating, choose BioFuel. You’ll be glad you did when you see your family or friends happy to have some warm food.


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