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3 Ways Refillable Canned Fuel Helps Protect the Environment

Recycling is trendy, and more now than ever. That’s great news for the environment! We love that the market is getting into products that are reusable. Even the smallest changes to the way we do things can help the environment. One of those small ways could be using refillable, reusable canned fuels for catering, emergencies, camping, and outdoor events. Read on for 3 ways refillable canned fuel helps protect the environment.

3 Ways Refillable Canned Fuel Helps Protect the Environment

1. Reusable, Refillable Canned Fuels Reduce Waste

Reusable canned fuels were created for refilling. For that reason, they help cut down on any unnecessary waste that we could otherwise discard. Stop buying can after can and throwing them out when they are empty. Instead, you can now buy refill liquid, pour it in the can, and relight the wick. Quick and easy!

2. Choose Organic Reusable Canned Fuels

You should probably stray away from canned fuels that consist of petroleum-based products. Not only are these fuels bad for pollution, but their fumes are also bad for you to inhale. You wouldn’t want these cooking or reheating your food. However, reusable canned fuels such as BioFuel consist of organic materials. For example, BioFuel stems from a renewably-sourced corn sugar fermentation process. This means that it is toxin-free and releases less CO emissions when compared to other cooking fuels on the market.

3. Choose 100% Bio-based Canned Fuels

When picking out the canned fuel that is best for you, make sure to grab one that is 100% bio-based. This will mean that it is readily biodegradable. If you throw out or dump these canned fuels, the liquid that is in the can will break down over time.

If you want to help take care of our planet, start small. Research what products are best for the environment. Planning a camping or catering event? In this case, refillable canned fuels are a great option for you to look at.


Have you ever wanted to host a buffet-style event? Do you or someone you know go camping on the weekends? Do you like to be prepared for emergencies or natural disasters? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the BioFuel Reusable Burner Can is a great product for you! They all offer opportunities to take advantage of the many uses for refillable canned heat. Read on for…

5 Creative Uses for Refillable Canned Heat

1. Catering Events

During a buffet-style catering event, you may notice the workers switching out the canned fuels that keep the food warm after around 2 hours. You may also notice them throwing the cans out once the event is over. They do this because most cooking fuel cans are not relightable or refillable. Unlike other cans on the market, BioFuel and other refillable canned cooking fuels save money, time, and waste. How? Simply by being relightable, refillable, and reusable.

2. Camping

Refillable cooking canned fuels are great accessories when packing for a camping trip. Whenever I pack to go anywhere especially outdoors, I always like to pack light. In addition, I make sure that I have the essentials. When using refillable burner cans, you don’t have to worry about packing 10-20 cooking fuel cans for the weekend. All you have to pack is a few reusable cans along with a refill bottle such as the BioFuel Refill Liquid.

3. Picnics

Who doesn’t love a nice picnic at the park? When most people go on picnics, the food is typically already cooked and put together! Although this is true, it never hurts to pack reusable burner cans just in case. They are great for a little heat if it gets cold or to help heat up any food.

4. Weather and Emergencies

Refillable canned fuels are a must have in any Emergency Preparedness Kit. Since the cans are refillable, make sure to stock up on the refill bottles. It’s also a good idea to have an emergency kit in both your home and car. You never know when power will go out.

5. Family and Friends

Refillable Burner cans are great to use during events with family and friends. Not only can you use the cans to keep food warm, but you can also use the cans for fun activities such as roasting marshmallows or hotdogs.

You really can use refillable canned fuel in so many different settings. That’s why it’s a good idea to stock up! Both the BioFuel Reusable Burner Can and BioFuel Refill Liquid have unlimited shelf life. Save money and time with these uses for refillable canned heat.


Never been camping and have a desire to go? Or do you love camping but always forget that one last thing? We’ve got you covered. Here are the four most important things you need to do to gear up for your next adventure!

Gear Up for Camping With These 4 Tips

1. Plan Everything

If you’re planning to stay at a campground, make sure you call ahead of time. This will ensure that you get the campground spot that you want. (*Pro tip: Make sure you ask for a spot that is near the water and the bathrooms.)

In addition, plan a simple itinerary. Not much of a planner? That’s fine! Just write down the basics to keep things moving and to keep you excited. Itineraries are especially good if you’re going with a group of people.

Finally, you need a menu! Make sure to plan the meals, so you know what food you need to pack. Look under #3 below for some meal planning ideas.

2. Preparation is Key

If you’re going camping, we’re sure you’ve already made your master checklist, but here are a few things that people tend to forget:

  • Bug spray. It’ll be hard to enjoy your adventure if you’re being eaten up by mosquitoes. A couple of other ways to repel insects are by lighting scented candles that deter them or packing one of our handheld or cordless zappers.
  • “Rain, rain, go away”… but just in case it rains, remember your raincoat or poncho!
  • The “utility” must-haves are matches, rope, a pocket knife, and trash bags. (*Pro tip: pack reusable cloths to create less trash.)
  • If you’re not planning on washing any clothes, don’t forget to bring a bag to keep the “dirties” separate.
  • Make sure to pack enough warming fuel cans and refills for the whole trip … plus a couple extra!

3. Sustenance Should Be Simple

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Need we say more? Plan for hunger with snacks: popcorn, trail mix, granola bars, ingredients to make s’mores, and fresh fruit.

Draw up a simple menu. Leave the bacon-wrapped pesto pork at home!

For example:

  • Day #1:
    • Breakfast – energy or granola bars
    • Lunch – canned soups
    • Dinner – pasta
  • Day # 2:
    • Breakfast – pancakes
    • Lunch – bagels (bring peanut butter or deli meats and cheeses)
    • Dinner – chili (*Pro tip: make chili ahead of time and put it in the cooler. All you have to do is heat it up in the pan!)
  • Day #3:
    • Breakfast – cereal
    • Lunch – salads (same as the chili; make it ahead of time and have a cooler just for prepped meals)
    • Dinner – burgers

* IMPORTANT* This is the one thing you need to remember about food when it comes to camping: do not leave food outside and unattended. It will attract the creepy-crawlies and before you know it, you’ll have the whole Jungle Book cast trying to get into your coolers. (We’ve had a raccoon steal a hot dog that was 5 feet away from us, waiting to be roasted.)

4. Enjoy the Trip

Campers are so busy planning, preparing, and stressing that they often forget to have fun. Leave the worries at home.A few things we recommend are:

  • Bicycling, fishing, tubing, hiking, or bring a football to pass or soccer ball to kick around
  • Cornhole, water balloons, and every day board games
  • Pack the binoculars and go bird-watching
  • Nap in a comfy hammock

Now breathe – and prepare with confidence! You’ll have a great time. (And leave a comment below to let us know the one thing you tend to forget when you go camping.)



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