Prepare for Hurricane Season (or Any Other Emergency Situation) With BioFuel.


Ways to Make Tailgating Easier

3 Ways to Make Tailgating Easier

Tailgating may look easy but planning the event can be stressful. It is supposed to be fun, but I’m sure the preparation makes that a little difficult at first. Although planning and preparing for a tailgate can be difficult, there are 3 ways to make tailgating easier, so that everyone has a blast. 3 Ways […]

How to Prepare Your Emergency Kit for Winter

How to Prepare Your Emergency Kit for Winter

When it comes to Winter weather, no one knows what the results will be. For that reason, we’ve found that it’s a smart idea to develop a plan and pack supplies for any type of emergency. A lot can happen due to the weather. Keep reading to discover how to prepare your emergency kit for […]

canned heat vs. electric heating pads

Canned Heat Vs. Electric Heating Pads – Which is Better?

When keeping food warm, there are many aspects to consider. You want to make sure you choose a product that will constantly keep your food warm and not let it drop to too low or rise to an unsafe temperature. You also want to consider the flexibility of the product and how you can use […]

canned heat types

Canned Heat Types and Their Uses

Today, there are all kinds of different chafing fuels out on the market. There is canned heat that lasts only 2 hours and some that last up to 6 hours. There are canned heat types that are “green” or what consumers like to call “eco-friendly.” All this to say, there are many types of canned […]

How Can You Tell How Much BioFuel is Left in the Can

How Can You Tell How Much BioFuel is Left in the Can?

The one tricky thing about using refillable canned fuels is knowing exactly when to refill the can. You need to know when to add more refill liquid. How can you tell how much BioFuel is left in the can? Of course, the best way to tell that your BioFuel can doesn’t have much liquid left […]

How Should You Store BioFuel

How Should You Store BioFuel?

BioFuel has an unlimited shelf life. For that reason, it is important to know exactly how to store BioFuel products. Whether you are a catering manager, frequent camper, or emergency preparedness buff, you don’t just want to make sure that you’re storing the reusable burner cans properly. In addition, you want to make certain you’re […]

why BioFuel Was Invented

Why BioFuel was invented – and How it Became a Hit

The story of why BioFuel was invented isn’t very complicated. However, when you hear the phrase, “necessity begets ingenuity,” you can think of BioFuel. We invented it simply because there was no other product like it. It’s environmentally sound and fuel-efficient. Why BioFuel Was Invented The BioFuel team spent time searching for a natural alternative […]

What Makes Canned Fuel Last So Long

What Makes Canned Fuel Last So Long in Storage?

Ever wondered what makes canned fuel last so long in storage? We’ve engineered our canned fuel to have a long shelf life for many reasons. People use it for activities and events that require it to last a long time. For example, using canned fuels for catering events, and with catering, comes loads of preparation. […]

ideas for using canned fuel

BioFuel: 3 Ideas for Using Canned Fuel This Spring

Spring is here and that means spending more time outdoors! Spring typically consists of beautiful weather such as sunny days that aren’t too warm. However, this time of year can also mean tornados and hurricanes. Whether it is sunny or stormy outside, turn to BioFuel Reusable Canned Fuel for all your needs. Here are some […]

How Long Does BioFuel Last

How Long Does BioFuel Last?

Whether you are camping, catering, or in the middle of an emergency, the burn time of your canned fuel is essential. Do you hate having to throw away a can and light another one after 2–3 hours of use? You’re not only wasting money, but you are also creating excessive amounts of waste. All of […]


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