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what is a safe cooking fuel

Exactly What is a Safe Cooking Fuel?

When cooking food while camping or keeping food warm for a catering event, no one wants to use food burner cans that release nasty toxins into the air. Why not? Because the same source that is releasing this exhaust is also cooking and warming up food that you are about to eat. That is why […]

safe convenient emergency cooking

Canned Heating Fuel: The Safe, Convenient Emergency Cooking Solution

Power Outages can happen at any time. They can take place due to storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, or routine maintenance on power lines nearby. Since you never know for certain when they will happen, it is best to be prepared with canned heating fuel. That way, emergency cooking is not only possible, but also easy. Just […]

ways to keep food warm during a party

3 Clever Ways to Keep Food Warm During a Party

Hosting a party with food can be nerve wracking! All of the planning and decorating can create a ton of pressure. In addition, one stress factor is throwing a party and serving … cold food. However, if you take time to prepare, you won’t have to worry about making this mistake. We’ve found at least […]

uses for refillable canned heat

BioFuel: 5 Creative Uses for Refillable Canned Heat

Have you ever wanted to host a buffet-style event? Do you or someone you know go camping on the weekends? Do you like to be prepared for emergencies or natural disasters? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the BioFuel Reusable Burner Can is a great product for you! They all offer […]

safe canned heat for catering

Why Should You Choose Safe Canned Heat for Catering?

Right now, most canned fuels on the market use white gas, butane, or petroleum-based products. However, those canned fuels come with a cost. Not only are they toxic to the environment but using them can also be toxic to your health. But did you know that a safe canned heat for catering exists? It’s called […]

how to prepare for a disaster

How to Prepare for a Disaster

When it comes to a disaster, no one knows what the results will be. For that reason, we’ve found that it’s a smart idea to develop a plan and pack supplies for any type of emergency. Keep reading to discover how to prepare for a disaster in 3 basic steps. You’ll never be caught unprepared! […]

ways to make catering easy

3 Big Ways to Make Catering Easy

Catering may look easy when you only think about delicious food or nicely planned meals. However, what you don’t see is the hard work it takes to plan and organize meals for a social event or gathering. Although catering events can be difficult to plan, there are 3 ways to make catering easy (at least […]

4 Tips to Gear Up for Camping

Never been camping and have a desire to go? Or do you love camping but always forget that one last thing? We’ve got you covered. Here are the four most important things you need to do to gear up for your next adventure! Gear Up for Camping With These 4 Tips 1. Plan Everything If […]


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