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Canned Heat Vs. Electric Heating Pads – Which is Better?

When keeping food warm, there are many aspects to consider. You want to make sure you choose a product that will constantly keep your food warm and not let it drop to too low or rise to an unsafe temperature. You also want to consider the flexibility of the product and how you can use it. For that reason, you may be comparing canned heat vs. electric heating pads. So, which is better?

When comparing canned heat vs. electric heating pads, BioFuel is safer and more consistent.

BioFuel may be a small can, but it has a lot of heating power. The small can is actually an added benefit. There is a lesser risk of burning yourself or letting the flame get out of hand. So, how exactly is BioFuel canned heat safer than an electric heating pad? Electric heating pads spread out and allow you to set the dish on top of them. This can be dangerous especially for younger kids who want to have their hands on everything!

On the other hand, if you decide to use BioFuel, there is a smaller risk of burning yourself. The can has two settings. One has a smaller flame that is ideal for heating food, and the other is a slightly larger flame that can be used for cooking. You would place the cans under a chafing dish.

Another reason BioFuel is better than electric heating pads is because of the consistent, steady flame. Products like electric heating pads tend to be inconsistent with heat. It may be really hot in the left corner of the pad, but not as warm on the right side. If you are keeping food warm, you want a steady temperature to prevent the food from being too unsafe to eat due to bacteria.


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