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Canned Heat Types and Their Uses

Today, there are all kinds of different chafing fuels out on the market. There is canned heat that lasts only 2 hours and some that last up to 6 hours. There are canned heat types that are “green” or what consumers like to call “eco-friendly.” All this to say, there are many types of canned heat. However, they all serve relatively the same purpose. Their purpose is to heat or cook food. There are a number of ways to use canned heat.

Canned Heat Types Can Be Used For:

  1. Canned heat is a great accessory to pack when going camping. It is definitely a necessity if you plan on cooking your own food while you are camping or for those cool mornings.
  2. Use them for picnics. If you plan on packing a meal that is pre-cooked instead of taking a sandwich, it is a good idea to pack a few cans. Better safe than sorry!
  3. They are ideal for catering. Canned heat is the perfect for heating up food during a large event.
  4. Keeping canned heat in your emergency preparedness bag is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make. You will be thankful for packing canned heat during an emergency or weather event.

As shown above, these canned heat types are good to keep around for multiple scenarios. Now, it’s just up to you on what type of canned heat you should use.


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