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How Can You Tell How Much BioFuel is Left in the Can?

The one tricky thing about using refillable canned fuels is knowing exactly when to refill the can. You need to know when to add more refill liquid. How can you tell how much BioFuel is left in the can? Of course, the best way to tell that your BioFuel can doesn’t have much liquid left in it is paying attention. Watch the efficiency of the flame that the can is producing. Obviously, if the can just suddenly stops producing a flame, then it is likely time to refill the can.

But Really, How Much BioFuel is Left in the Can?

Another way you can tell how much BioFuel is left in the can is by paying attention to the burn time. Since the BioFuel Reusable Burner Can has two settings thanks to the dual burner lid, the can will last for either five hours of cooking time or seven hours of heating. If the lid is all the way off, then you are using it at its “cooking” setting. If you only take off the small opening of the lid, then that is the “heating” setting.

For example, if you are using a can for catering purposes, and the food and equipment were all set up at 12:30pm, then you can assume that the BioFuel can will last all the way up until 5:30pm. However, most catering events do not last this long. You may want to keep track on paper or even on the can. That’ll let you know how long you used the can each time.

If you are using your BioFuel can for an emergency such as the power going out during a blizzard, then you want to have the can lid open at the “heating” setting. You can assume that the fuel in the can will last seven hours.

Remember to keep multiple BioFuel cans in stock because you cannot refill the can while it is hot. You must always allow the can to cool down before refilling the fuel liquid. It is a good idea to have multiple cans at once, so you can alternate their usage.


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