Prepare for Hurricane Season (or Any Other Emergency Situation) With BioFuel.

How Long Does BioFuel Last?

Whether you are camping, catering, or in the middle of an emergency, the burn time of your canned fuel is essential. Do you hate having to throw away a can and light another one after 2–3 hours of use? You’re not only wasting money, but you are also creating excessive amounts of waste. All of this could be avoidable with the help of BioFuel. Our reusable burner cans and refill heating liquid will solve any canned fuel problem. At this point, you could understandably wonder, “How long does BioFuel last?”

Not only is the BioFuel Reusable Burner Can made out of all-natural ingredients, refillable, and reusable, but it also lasts longer than any canned fuel on the market.

So, Just How Long Does BioFuel Last?

Each can is able to last 5 hours for cooking purposes and 7 hours for heating. This is two times longer than any canned fuel that is currently on the market. Our product doesn’t just last longer, but it also burns hotter.

The BioFuel refill liquid makes the can that much better and easier. If your canned heat runs out of liquid after the five to seven hours, we have a plan. Instead of throwing it out and lighting a new can, you can extinguish any existing flame. Then, let the can cool down and refill it with the 15 oz. refill liquid. One refill bottle is equal to 10 hours of cooking and 15 hours of heating. This is the equivalent of TWO CANS.

That’s not all. We have more good news! Although most canned fuels on the market only have a shelf life of two to three years, the reusable burner can and refill liquid has an unlimited shelf life. While we recommend to use BioFuel within the first five years of storage, it can last for years and years. This means you can stock up on it now and always be prepared for any situation or event.

The burn time of canned fuel makes a huge difference when deciding what kind of canned fuel to purchase for a camping weekend, emergency, or catering event. Let BioFuel be there for you.



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