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5 Things That Set BioFuel Cooking Fuel Apart

There’s nothing trending more than natural product use. Whether it’s natural soaps, cleaners, skin care and beauty products, or cooking fuel, the natural product industry is growing! Why? Because natural products are safer to use and less hazardous. That’s why we promote the BioFuel Reusable Burner Can. It is a safer, cleaner, greener cooking fuel.

Things That Set BioFuel Cooking Fuel Apart

1. All-natural safety BioFuel is toxic-free. It releases less CO emissions compared to other cooking fuel cans on the market. That makes it the perfect product for catering, camping, and emergencies.

2. Fun fact: BioFuel is made from food. How more natural can you get?

3. BioFuel is cost-effective. We have developed a reusable burner can that is meant to be relit, reused, and refilled with our BioFuel Refill Liquid. Not only does this approach save our customers money, but it also saves on storage space.

4. Since the BioFuel can was created for refilling and reusing, this helps cut down on any unnecessary waste that we could otherwise be contributing to.

5. The burner canister we produce stays cool to the touch during use and is approved for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, it is non-flammable.

Those are just a few things that set BioFuel Cooking Fuel apart. Our research and development initiative to create a safer cooking fuel began 25 years ago when we noticed that all cooking fuels that were being sold contained white gas or butane. We care about our customers, so we completed the task and created a safer, hotter, cleaner, and greener cooking fuel.

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