Prepare for Hurricane Season (or Any Other Emergency Situation) With BioFuel.

Canned Heating Fuel: The Safe, Convenient Emergency Cooking Solution

Power Outages can happen at any time. They can take place due to storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, or routine maintenance on power lines nearby. Since you never know for certain when they will happen, it is best to be prepared with canned heating fuel. That way, emergency cooking is not only possible, but also easy.

Just like the Provident Preppers, we prefer canned heat over using a portable charcoal grill. Canned heating fuel is a great option for many reasons. It can travel with you and be stored in small, tight spaces. In addition, you can use it indoors as long as your space is well-ventilated.

Safe and Convenient for Emergency Cooking – With Proper Care

Although canned heating fuels are good for indoor use, you should take some safety precautions while using them.

  1. The flame usually burns a blue or bright orange color. However, sometimes it can be difficult to see the flame. Make sure to pay very careful attention when the can is lit.
  2. Although you may close the lid to extinguish the flame, the outside of the can will still be hot. It is a good idea to let it cool down before putting it back in storage.
  3. When using the can, you will want to make sure the area is well- Canned heating fuels can be made of different types of alcohol or gas that can release CO2 into the air. If you are looking for a natural alternative for emergency cooking, check out our BioFuel Reusable Burner Can.

To make Canned Heating Fuels even more convenient, you can use them with all types of different cooking stoves. Examples include a small charcoal grill or portable stoves such as our BioFuel Flat Stove and BioFuel Round Stove.

In conclusion, canned heating fuels are easy, safe, and convenient for emergency cooking. In addition, they have multiple uses besides emergencies, including buffets and catering – and for making s’mores with the family!




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