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3 Big Ways to Make Catering Easy

Catering may look easy when you only think about delicious food or nicely planned meals. However, what you don’t see is the hard work it takes to plan and organize meals for a social event or gathering. Although catering events can be difficult to plan, there are 3 ways to make catering easy (at least easier than usual) on managers, employees, and customers alike.

3 Ways to Make Catering Easy

1. Today’s Specials Include: Preparation, Communication, and Flexibility

Benjamin Franklin put it best when he said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This maxim applies to most aspects in life. However, it especially applies to food service. Between the catering manager, customer, and food service employees, there has to be an exceptional amount of preparation and planning to make any event successful.

  • How many people will be attending?
  • What type of service – buffet style or family style?
  • What food is involved, and what will it require?

The questions are endless when it comes to planning. That is why properly preparing is important. Make sure to even plan for “what if” situations. For example, what if you have trays of leftover food? What if you don’t have enough food? You get the point.

It helps if you have at least three meetings with your customer.

  1. An initial meeting to go over what is expected
  2. A follow-up meeting to make sure everyone is on the same page and to review what you will produce ahead of time
  3. The overview meeting for you and the customer will check off the items on the list

Not only does preparation play an important role in food service, but communication and flexibility do also. Customers need to discuss their expectations with the caterer. In addition, catering managers need to make certain that their food service employees know what they need to do during the days leading up to and the day of the event. However, sometimes you may forget a desired aspect of the event. Or, you might update some part of the plan. Both the caterer and the customer need to be flexible. In addition, you should set realistic expectations of what is possible with last-minute plans.

2. For Dessert, a Slice of Innovation

Staying open to new suggestions and ideas is a vital part of food service. Not every customer is going to want the same exact meals planned. They also won’t all invite the same number of people for an event. This pushes the caterer to be more creative when selling customers on certain ideas. Additionally, it requires fresh thinking to bring each customer’s idea to life. Keep up with new food service trends! Also, when meeting with a potential customer for the first time, do everything you can to prove that you’re creative. This will assure them that you can help make their dreams come true.

3. BioFuel: The Secret Ingredient

Sometimes being successful in the food service industry is all about using the right food equipment. For that reason, think about using BioFuel Reusable Burner cans for your catering needs. As of now, most cooking canned fuel on the market is petroleum-based. This is dangerous because it allows for nasty toxins to enter the air all while cooking or reheating the food that is about to be eaten.

But how is BioFuel different? Simple – it’s all-natural, USDA-certified for food use, and made in the USA. Additionally, it’s safe to use both indoors and outdoors, and it has an unlimited shelf life. But that’s not all. When it comes to catering, food needs to be kept at a consistent temperature for a certain period of time. That is where BioFuel comes in! One can of BioFuel keeps food warm for 8 hours. Plus, the flame that is produced is more controlled when compared to other canned cooking fuels.

Just like any other business, catering services are always looking for more ways to keep costs down. That’s why BioFuel is a smart product choice. The cans are reusable – they can be refilled with a bottle of BioFuel refill liquid and relit. This means less trash and more money saved.

It took 25 years to research and develop a natural alternative to conventional canned fuels. BioFuel lasts longer, burns hotter, and costs less – making it the best option for catering.

Working in the food service industry is not easy, so test BioFuel out for yourself. You just may find that it changes your business for the better.


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